A note to all of our friends...

2020 has been a challenging and difficult year for many of us.  We sincerely hope you have been able to remain healthy and prosperous.  We have been rehearsing all along, on the back porch, in the livingroom with masks on and windows open.  2021 looks like things will turn for the better, which is great news for live music.  Please look for us during the summer and fall.  In the meantime, stay well...

Welcome to MicroGrass

Americana Music at its Very, Very Best...

We play a tasty blend of Americana and bluegrass music for festivals, clubs, and private events (with a bit of Cajun flavor thrown in just for fun.) Our sweet soaring harmonies are all distilled to their high energy, foot-stomping best. Nothing makes us happier than to get you involved, tapping your feet, singing a tune with us, and leaving you wanting more. We are on time, every time, and see our role as entertainers who your patrons or concert-goers for an enjoyable afternoon or evening.

We take pride in donating a portion of our performance income to our favorite not-for-profit organizations. It's nice to give back, yes?

What Others Are Saying...

"MicroGrass brings a rare charm and quality to concerts, in my experience.  It is always a delight to work with prompt, professional musicians who are as attentive to their business as they are to their art.  I believe them to be the quintessential Colorado band: alway fun, deeply talented, and invested in the health of their community." 

Hanna Ackerman 

Owner, Syncopated Productions Group

Former Associate Concert Director, Swallow Hill Music

"Thank you for an amazing year of music.  I so appreciate your professionalism, flexibility, and joyous spirit.  Great to have you on stage at our events this past year.  Play On!" 

Luann Morris

Chief of Staff/Consulting Director 

Team Player Production


The Band...

Paul Marino, Bass, Harmonica, Vocals

Catherine Teutsch, Melodeon, Accordion, Keys, Vocals

Gordon Gano, Banjo, Fiddle, Vocals

Tom Connole, Guitar, Vocals

Eric Peterson, Mandolin, Vocals

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A Warm Summer Afternoon in Denver


The best way to get to know us is to hear us live, so we have some short takes recorded at various places and at various times for you.  No studio gimmicks, no second takes. "Gone At Last" is always a showstopper. "Born to Be With You" is an upbeat vocal song with a subtle Cajun feel. Gordon had a little fun with "Angel from Montgomery," the John Prine classic. We're still trying to figure out how Gordon remembered all the words to "I've Been Everywhere."   "Lincoln Town" and "White Freightliner" are nods to traditional bluegrass music, with up-tempo driving vocals.

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2019  Shows and Performances

February 8                 Washington Park Grille                                                                   

April 28                       Swallow Hill Board Concert, Daniels Hall                              

May 26                       South Gaylord Memorial Day Festival                                     

June 2                        Pearl Street Farmer's Market                                                 
June 8                        Washington Park Grille                                                            

July 27                        Private Event, Denver Botanical Gardens                             

August 17                   Rocky Mountain Folks Festival with Violent Femmes                      

September 22            Denver's Largest Bluegrass Jam                                                  

November 2               Washington Park Grille                                                               

November 9               Veteran's Day Celebration, Civic Center Park                       

November 23             Morrison Holiday Bar                                                                

November 29             Green Mountain Brewery                                                        

December 19             Benefit for Swallow Hill with RetroGrass                                 


                  2020 performances can be found under "Shows" Tab

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