Welcome to MicroGrass!

MicroGrass is a handcrafted, Denver-based traditional American music band. We play a tasty blend of Americana and bluegrass music, infused with sweet soaring harmonies, all distilled to their high-energy, foot-stomping best. Take a listen to a few tunes which were recorded live their winter concert at Swallow Hill Music in Denver, Colorado.  (The crowd loves these guys...)

Come experience MicroGrass!  We’ll get you shaking it up, tapping your toes and singing along. You know you wanna!

"MicroGrass brings a rare charm and quality to concerts in my experience. It is always a delight to get to work with prompt, professional, polite musicians who are as attentive to their business as they are to their art. I believe them to be the quintessential Colorado summer band: always fun, deeply talented, and invested in the health of their community." 

Hanna Ackerman

Owner, Syncopated Production Group

Former Associate Concert Director for Swallow Hill Music

"Thank you for an amaging year of music.  I so appreciate your professionalism, flexibility, and joyous spirit.  Great to have you onstage at our events this past year."

Play On,

Luann Morris/Event Director

Team Player Productions

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